Pricing And Personalization

We have a vast array of service options available to you. We keep our pricing extremely affordable allowing families the option to choose their right of disposition based on their personal wishes, not necessarily based solely on their financial situation.  

Service Packages

Below are the most common selections made by the families that we have served.  For your convenience we have placed them into packages.  You will find three package categories, Funeral Packages, Cremation Packages, and Lower Cost Options (which do not have services prior to disposition). 

If you would like a price quotation on a personalized funeral, please contact one of our directors, or click on the build and personalize link on the bottom of the page.

Please view our General Price List and FTC disclosures and contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with questions.   

Funeral Packages

Cremation Packages

Lower Cost Packages

Build And Personalize The Service Of Your Choice

Planning a funeral can be difficult, that's why we've added our interactive planning tool, which allows you to research the costs of a funeral from the comfort of your own home.   Please know we are available by phone ,24 hours a day, to answer any questions, and to serve your family.