Susan DeSimone

Obituary of Susan DeSimone

Susan was a free spirit, a traveler and adventurer - a real “mover and shaker”. She loved her friends and family with her entire heart and would do anything for them. She was everyone's rock; she made time for everyone in her life, always lending an ear when needed, advice when warranted, and a ride when asked, even if her “lead foot” frightened her passengers. Sue was unrelentingly positive and found joy in helping her friends and family pursue their interests. Her granddaughter Julia DeSimone loves all things Broadway, so she took her on multiple visits to BroadwayCon and to numerous Broadway shows. Last summer, she took her grandson Andrew on a trip to Indianapolis so he could see the world drum corps championships (DCI) and to Nashville so he could see his favorite jazz musician, Herbie Hancock. She also frequently traveled with her extended family to their communal happy place, Disney World. Susan loved the beach and spent every moment she could there. As soon as her son graduated from high school in Bergenfield, she began making plans to move to the Jersey Shore. He left for college on a Friday and she sold the house and left for the Shore the following Monday. Susan spent a lot of time with an amazing group of friends - GNO (Girls Night Out). The group first met as teachers in 1969. They have spent the last 50 years as each other's second families - celebrating and supporting and traveling all of life together. Susan’s home was beautifully decorated and adorned with bells that she collected over the years as gifts and through her many travels. Throughout her battle with cancer, she remained positive. She never let her diagnosis come between her and the things she loved to do. She continued to travel, including one last trip to Hollywood, Florida with her sister Joanie just a few weeks ago - as a bonus she also got to visit Julia on her college campus. No matter how difficult her battle became, Susan kept her spirits high and enjoyed every moment she got with her family. Susan is survived by many who loved her and will forever carry her in their hearts besides Laurie Jaffe DeSimone, Julia, Andrew and her son, Billy, including sisters Jackie Morrow and Joan Bitecola and brother-in-law Dan Bitecola, nephews Cliff Bitecola and Dan Bitecola, niece Jessica Moore, and GNO - her friends for life. A virtual celebration of life will be scheduled soon, and will be followed by an in-person memorial service to be scheduled at a later date.

Memorial Services

Memorial Services to be held at a later date. Details to follow.
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